We fully trust Giner Acoustic Office, in receiving thoughtful and economically and technically feasible solutions, due to their entire Team’s experience, knowledge and commitment to reach the desired comfort and normative levels, in noise and vibrations detections and emissions that directly impact our Projects.

Paulo D’Arienzo - PAR Arquitetura

Giner performed what we were expecting and surprised us with flexible and relevant solutions to a very high acoustic performance project, solutions generated in Restored and New Environments. It was a great experience in Projects and Tests, the sector gains Quality!

Mauricio Bianchi – Cidade Matarazzo

We have 7 years of partnership! During this period, all of our work together were marked by Giner’s seriousness, technique, and commitment to always offer the best. There is not one question that will not be resolved, just as there is no measurement that is not successfully completed. And, as a bonus, we still receive with each measurement, meeting or phone call, a truckload of knowledge on a topic as complex as acoustics.

Adelaide Silva - Cury

I had the opportunity to work with the excellent consultants and specialists of Giner in a super challenging project, developing acoustic solutions to attend studios and technical TV areas.

We had fully support of Giner’s team during the entire execution of the project, obtaining excellent results, proven both in tests and in our daily operation.

Fernando Cruvinel – Gerente de projetos CNN Brasil