Aurus Studio

Aurus Studio


We finished the acoustic insulation and acoustic conditioning project for the recording, control, and mixing rooms of the private Aurus studio.

The studio, with a recording room, rehearsal room, and a mixing technique, will be implemented in the south of São Paulo.


Insulation project carried out with the modern SONarchitect software.

We did the on-site analysis of aerial, residual, and total noise.

Noise Figure PNC 25.

We carry out the consulting services of noises and vibrations eradication, be it conveyed by air or structural.

The main challenge was to mitigate the noise, from the large aircrafts that take off and land at the 35 R headland of Congonhas (the building is exactly on the final stretch) and from several high traffic routes, as well as the vibrations that will be generated in the studio located around family homes.

We worked on the development of the complete “box in Box” system, decoupling frequency 10 Hz, and also on the modal analysis of the room and BR “Bass Ratio”.