Call Center At The Latin America Memorial

Call Center At The Latin America Memorial

One of the most traditional insurance companies develops with the TriploRarquitetura, the project for the new Call Center at the Latin America Memorial, Giner was responsible for the development of the building’s acoustic insulation and conditioning project. Call Center for more than 4.000 positions, which will be implemented in a building over 60 years old. Area of 26,300 m² factory-reconditioned, with all infrastructure technical support and workplaces designed with an enormous concern to provide a pleasant experience to collaborators.



Consultancy in the layout of service positions in the open plan office.

Assistance to the client regarding the exposure of staff to internal noise, particularly in PA (Service Positions), and the Brazilian standard NR (Regulatory Standards) 15.

Development of custom-made acoustic clouds, which guarantee the performance of the necessary acoustic conditioning, depending on the environment.

Providing details of absorbent panels and modules, to control reverberation and acoustic comfort, from the space to the architecture office. Noise and vibration mitigation of all technical support equipment for the building.