Disney Argentina

Disney Argentina


We recently received Dolby Laboratories engineers to commission the Dolby Atmos cinema at Disney Latin America.

Since this is a new and complex technology, all Dolby Atmos cinemas must have a “set up” performed by Dolby engineering, especially in this project, which has quite different acoustic characteristics, with 80% of the floor covering in wood.


For two days, the engineers focused on the “set up” of the CP 850 processor with the server/projector to equalize the audio system in the room.

Each L, C, R, Surround, Surround in Ceiling speaker reproduced two “sine sweep”, one to check the current response in the room and the second to check the performance of the “Auto EQ”.

With the correct acoustic design, the “Auto EQ” was fast, and all 42 speakers reproduced the standard curve.