Disney São Paulo

Disney São Paulo


We finished the implementation of our insulation and conditioning acoustic project for a new cinema room, for the promotion of Disney films, on the 11th floor of the World Trade Center building – São Paulo.


The main challenge of the acoustic insulation project was the noise that the cinema itself could generate for other offices, from the upper and lower floors, causing discomfort.

The noise control project was developed on an elevated floor, with high sound insulation, with elastomeric pads. On top of this floor, we built the walls and the insulating lining, which are supported on the building structure through anti-vibration supports, therefore, all the constructive elements of the cinema are “floating” in the support masonry on the 11th floor of the World Trade Center building.

The conditioning project features modern RPG Waveform Spline G diffusers in the insulating lining and randomly perforated panels to control frequencies above 800 Hz, avoiding unwanted reflections, comb filtering.

The cinema will feature the newest and most exciting cinema sound system, developed by Dolby, called Atmos.