Dissenso Studio

Dissenso Studio

Designed by the respected acoustic engineer José Carlos Giner, Dissenso Studio, with 9 interconnected rooms in audio and video, transcended Brazilian standards. Prioritizing the quality of the sonic signature of its studios, it became the first place in Latin America to use fourth generation diffuser – installed in its main capture room, with a 5m² height ceiling, generating high levels of definition and sound clarity.

The studio has one of the only units existing in Brazil of the AWS948 SSL console (total recall) and Genelec monitoring, suspended by springs. It is also possible to perform 5.1 surround mixing jobs, thanks to Tannoy monitoring, and an innovation that promises to please anyone; the back boxes are fixed in a suspended arch, which allows the degrees to be changed in relation to the central listening point.

Equipped with a well-diversified arsenal of peripherals (including Neve, API, Millennia, Chandler, SSL), microphones (Neumann, RCA, Royer, Telefunken, Josephson and others), digital and analogical recorders (Studer and Pro Tools HD3), processors and an extensive selection of custom and vintage instruments and amplifiers, Dissenso Studio is a synonym of technology and audio excellence.

In a very cosy environment and creative design, there is a perfect atmosphere, which extends to Dissenso Lounge – a space where you can find dressing rooms, editing rooms, mastering, bar, and communal areas, as well as a multipurpose lounge for shows, launches, workshops and events in general.

With all this infrastructure, technology and refinement, São Paulo gains a pole of artistic and cultural possibilities, with the same quality found in the best studios abroad.