Radio Disney FM

Radio Disney FM

Project completed and implemented at Radio Disney FM on the 11th floor of the World Trade Center building – São Paulo.


The main challenge of the acoustic project was the noise that the other offices, from the upper and lower floors, and the organic noise of the region, could generate, and therefore cause discomfort to the radio studios. Most of the studios face the Marginal Pinheiros, with an intense traffic and high noise.

The area destined to the studios, with 405m² of built area, includes eight studios, three administrative rooms, a meeting room and an “open office”.

The noise control project was developed on an elevated floor, of a high sound insulation, with acoustic blankets made of recycled materials. On the top of this floor, we built the walls and the insulating lining, which are supported on the building’s structure by springs, in result, all the construction elements of the studios are “floating” in the support masonry on the 11th floor of the World Trade Center Building