Sírio Libanês

Sírio Libanês

The history of health services and social responsibility that characterizes Sírio-Libanês Hospital throughout its history began in 1921, when a group of idealists and selfless women members of the first generation of Syrian and Lebanese immigrants coming to Brazil founded the Sociedade Beneficiente de Senhoras (Beneficent Society of Ladies). The main goal of this group, led by Dona Adma Jafet, was to offer São Paulo a health care center that matched the importance of the city.

The hospital is booming with the construction of several towers around the current complex.


Giner is monitoring noise and vibration occurrences in all units of Sírio-Libanês Hospital, to assess compliance with the ISO 14001 standard.

In addition to monitoring, Giner is also building noise maps to assess the environmental impact of the extremely sensitive hospital units and in the neighbourhood.

Giner’s measurement systems use high-precision sensors and signal processing techniques to measure noise and vibration in building.

Data analysis and consultancy regarding the impact are also part of our word scope.